About Paydar Energy Co

Paydar Energy, Engineering and Construction Group

Paydar Energy Engineering and Construction Group (PEECG) has been one of the Iranian leading industrial water and wastewater treatment companies since 1995 especially in desalination water treatment systems.  With more than 23 years experiences and executing different water treatment projects and water desalination units, PEECG continues to assist industries to solve their water requirement with expert designers and fabrication shop facilities with the name of Pender Industry and has been execute water treatment plants, DM water units, Desalination units and effluent treatment units as EPC contractor.

At present PEECG is active in the following fields for Petrochemical, Oil and gas projects:

  • Field of activities
    Sea water, brackish water desalination units.(R.O)
    • Industrial water treatment plants
    • DM water units, Ion Exchange Systems, Mixed-bed polishers, CEDI units
    • Condensate polishing units
    • Ultra filtration system
  • Pretreatment systems such as lime-softening, Coagulation-Flocculation, Sea DAF, Clarifiers and Different type of filtration systems
  • Industries wastewater and effluent treatment units, especially oily wastewater treatment.
  • Municipal and Sanitary wastewater treatment plants
  • Automation and control systems of above mentioned units